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Optimised for iPad Devices

For 2019, we've combined all of your most used features and feedback into our brand new iPad application. Designed from the ground up to be more faster, intuitive and responsive than our desktop version.


Perfect for Resorts who need to use BMS on the move.

Touch your Bookings.

Using the iPad's touch screen device has enabled features such as assigning bookings, moving beds and more simple. With a press or drag of a finger these changes can be made in real-time.

All changes that are made on the iPad are updated instantly to your account and synced with all other devices.

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Unlimited Devices.

Every BMS account comes with unlimited access to our iPad application. Every user account that you make will have access in the iPad app with the same access levels as the dashboard.

We designed the application to be a perfect match for hosts and the front of house team at busy beach resorts.

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Full of Features, with more coming soon...

Our current iPad application is bundled full of great features. We have lots more on the roadmap which will be coming out in the coming months, and we always prioritise the next feature based on our customers feedback.

  • Take Bookings 

  • Edit Bookings

  • Adjust Layouts

  • View real-time stats

  • Gesture Controls 

  • Offline Ready

  • Real-Time Sync

  • Restaurant Ready

  • Multi-User Access

  • Full Layout Editor (Coming Soon)

  • QR & Barcode Scan (Coming Soon)

  • Translations (Coming Soon)

Download Now

If you have an account with BMS you can download our iPad application now.


Simply click the link below on your iPad device to download or search: BMS on the Apple App Store.

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