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A complete booking and CRM system to handle your sunbed & restaurant bookings.

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Our Mission

Designed by Resorts, for Resorts.

BMS has been designed, collaborated and used in the largest

Beach Clubs/Resorts all around the world. Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to run your resort without the hassle.

Collect Payment for Your Bookings

Through BMS you have the tools to collect Sunbed reservation payments automatically from your customers.

You can collect payments through emails or via our website booking widget which you can load directly to your website. This will allow your customers to have a way to book their sunbed without needing to email or call.

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Digitally Build your Pool/Beach Layout

Our world-class layout editor gives you the tools to create your beach club layout, digitally. Use our drag and drop interface and hundreds of icons.

Our Sunbed icons automatically adapt to the booking status of the customer, to give you an instant view of your daily bookings, in real-time.

Take Reservations, & Bookings digitally

Through BMS you can take bookings digitally, assign payment values and raise an invoice, if necessary. All information is updated in real-time across all accounts to minimise the chance of double bookings.

Your customers can be automatically emailed with their reservation details and be reminded a couple of days before, helping you reduce no-shows.

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A Complete Management Platform 

BMS provides you with the tools to run your Pool/Beach area more effectively. From Booking Management to Payment, we've got it covered.

iPad Companion Application

BMS is also available as a free download for iPad. This ensures your staff have all the tools they need on the go.

Website Booking Widget

With BMS we offer you a booking widget which you are able to load on your website to allow customers to make their own bookings.

Restaurant Module (Coming Soon)

Coming soon, you will also have the ability to take restaurant bookings and setup restaurant layouts on BMS.

Full of Innovative and Digital Features

Get Started Today

We don't limit your usage in any way, you have the freedom to use the system as you want.

If you choose to use us to collect payment for your bookings, we charge a 5% commission on the booking price. (Includes Stripe fees.)

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